Manual Outbound NAT for a single host

  • Hi

    i have 6  public ip from a single ISP with subnet of 29. Right now i have 2 Pfsense boxes 1 for internet and another for Email traffic. now i want to merge both to a single box.  i want to route all internet traffic from LAN to WAN1 and route email traffic from mail server to WAN2. i have squid transparent proxy running on LAN.
    i had tested creating a rule for a test host, but not working

    please help me to create a manual NAT rule.

  • Create a Manual Outbound NAT rule and choose WAN2 as the interface. Set the source IP address as the mail server. Move it above your other NAT rules. The existing default rules should already allow LAN through WAN1.

  • Thanks for your reply. no i successfully added a manul NAT rule and its working fine

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