Touch Screen Compatibility

  • pfSense hover menus not touch screen compatible. :D :( :o  ::) :'(

  • If you are accessing the gui with a mobile device, the "pfsense" skin should come up automatically which is touch compatible.
    Unless you fake your browser agent ;)

    Or you could configure the "pfsense" skin as default.

  • Windows 8 tablet and IE 10.

    Not faking anything out.

  • In "pfsense" theme I think it would be better for touch screen if the left nav menu was collapsed and spaced wider.  Select and expand a menu category with a tap/click.

    Would really like to see the "pfsense_ng" theme top level menu accept tap/click to drop down rather than just mouse hover.

  • Rebel Alliance Developer Netgate

    If the Windows 8 + IE 10 + touch user agent is something we can detect, we can force it to switch the theme to the pfSense one.

    If you'd like to see those features in a theme, you're more than welcome to make a theme, offer a bounty to make one, or search around and find if someone has already made one that works like you want.

    IE barely functions with our GUI anyhow. Get a different browser ASAP.  ;D

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