Configure only one interface on installation?

  • During the intial interface assignment wizard (the one on the console on the first boot of pfsense), is it possible to configure only one interface, e.g. configure only the LAN interface and add the WAN interface later? Or is it possible to assign a WAN interface but without enabling it?

    Background: I have a WLAN card that shall be used as WAN. However pfsense then puts the card in infrastructure mode and by default, in infrastructure mode pfsense connects randomly to the next open wifi network. I really do not like this behaviour - suddenly all my traffic is transfered over an unknown wifi network! If I wouldn't have to choose the WAN interface using the network interface assignment wizard, I could properly configure it in the web interface, where I can also configure, which SSID it shall connect to.

    Thanks for any hint!

  • Rebel Alliance

    You just need to assign/configure the WAN, to be able to login in to the Web Interface from the WAN side, and finish the configuration… i have done this way to use a PCI-E Wlan  Card as LAN...

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