DynDNS dynamic update timeout configuration

  • One of the features I was really looking forward to in Release 2.1 was this item from the changelog:

    Fixed handling of DynDNS 25-day update and add ability to configure update interval.

    I successfully upgraded my 2.0 release to the latest version, but I can not for the life of me find anywhere in the UI to change the update interval. One of my dynamic DNS providers I need to have updated (even with the same IP) about every 20 days or so, and I was really hoping 2.1 would allow me to not have to go in and manually update my record to maintain the zone.

    I didn't find anything under the Dynamic DNS panel of the UI or under the System:Advanced menu to change the 25 day (previously hardcoded) limit to something smaller.  Is there somewhere else in the UI that I should look or am I just blind?

  • There is nothing in the GUI that lets you specify the max update interval - it is still set to 25 days in the code. Not sure how "add ability to configure update interval" got into the change log.
    There were enhancements to make sure that No-IP free accounts actually made an IP address change after 25 days (and changed it back) as No-IP actually requires a free account holder to change their IP at least "monthly".
    It would not be difficult to implement - just needs someone to do a bit of code.

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