BIG Question re pfSense 2.1 setup/install

  • Hi,
    HOW can I go about doing this with pfSense: step-by-step please:

    I want to build a near perfect firewall, with 4-WAN (isp), 2-LAN (1-100pc, 1-virtualize infrastructure), and 1-Wifi (10-linksys)

    Start with a fully lock-down system
    Transparent proxy caching for all traffic http, https, etc…
    in/out Load Balancing/Failover
    manual port redirection, with the option to enable & disable, not delete and recreate
    by default block all outgoing, and only allowed what i want, and can limit to single/multiple ip or user/group.
    WIFI is on its own network/subnet, and only allows LAN printers to be seen on Wifi
    Intrusion Detection and Prevention
    Email/web Anti-virus/Malware/Spyware/Rootkit/Trojan
    Spam-filter for wan, lan and wifi then forward to/from email server on LAN or WAN (if coming from email server)
    Traffic shaping for ip/user/machine/subnet/protocol
    Can use DDNS
    DHCP for each subnet ipv4/ipv6
    DNS server with dnssec, rdns, dkim, spf, caller-id, etc….
    can route certain website via TOR network, like
    block certain sites, keyword, and ip
    redirect certain protocol & port to use certain WAN port
    Lan1 & Lan2 can route to each other
    CP for Wifi with vouchers as well as username and password
    Must be able to see what is happing on the firewall with graphs or report.
    See traffic by ip,  web, user, machine, etc..
    See top sites visited, top spammer, etc…
    See the load on each nic (network card)
    Can send a copy of the daily log to a log server, like syslog on Linux/windows/mac
    Can also email logs
    Can setup ipsec-vpn for users to connect with win7/8/xp to LAN from outside & wifi
    A free VOIP call center / server that can connect to free sip providers and then client can use softphone to connect and call each other or any of the free sip provides users.
    have a free always up to date anti-virus software that does live scan on the firewall.
    Can connect to Active Directory for username/email-address
    Can see network traffic/packets to analyze
    Just in case I left anything off just add to list


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