Gigabit Multi-Core CPU Requirements?

  • Hey guys,

    Now that I've convinced our MD that pfsense is brilliant ;) it's time to buy some real hardware. Our goal is gigabit (or as close to) throughput. I know in the docs it specifies that a CPU of at least 2.8Ghz is required for gigabit.

    My question is what kind of processing speed would be needed for dual and quad core CPU's? Still 2.8? Or can we safely dial it down a bit considering there's more than one core in action?

  • not all processing tasks make good use of multiple cores though we run an smp kernel. I would go for the fastest cpu that fits into your budget  ;)

  • Will do, cheers hoba!

    I really want an HP DL380 G5 with 4 intel quad ports, ahhh well dreams are free…  ;)

  • …and Intel nics as they are not hitting the CPUs that hard. good choice  ;D

  • And if you're going with Intel NICs take care to buy the more expensive server NICs!
    They have a different interrupt handling than the desktop versions further reducing CPU utilization.

  • Whew - with that requirement (quad-gigabit boards) you probably will be limited to PCI-e interface cards to get the full bandwidth, otherwise you will definitely not make wire-speed…

    Just an observation...


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