MultiWAN with VPN possible?

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    I'm new to pfSense and am really liking it so far. I am a home user with two ADSL WAN connections into pfSense with one LAN connection. The LAN has around 10 PCs on it. I have set my gateway group so that both gateways are Tier1 and have chosen the Packet Loss/High Latency trigger.

    I have set up PrivateInternetAccess OpenVPN but have not got it working yet. I've managed to get the client up and running and my PIA_VPN interface has an IP address but I'm stuck on how to set it up so that connections from the LAN to either WAN are using OpenVPN. Any idea on how to set this up?

  • I started to write a convoluted and long winded post on my elaboration of my question, so I thought it might be easier just to show you what I want to do on YouTube :)

    Thanks for watching, video is 7ish minutes long. Once I have it set up, I will do a new YouTube video showing how to set it up from start to finish as a gesture of "giving back" for other people trying to do the same. Any input appreciated.

    Youtube Video

  • I've solved it. I now have a load balanced VPN connection with two ADSL connections for my home LAN. I have also set it up with OpenDNS for content filtering to protect the family from unwanted sites. Next step is to get a proxy working… but I'm happy with the config for the moment.

    If anyone wants me to do a short guide on setting it up, let me know and I'll share it in the next week.

  • Feeling a bit lonely in this thread.  ;D

    I spoke too soon, the VPN doesn't work with OpenDNS because the IP Address of the VPN server is shared on the internet. So, when it is updated using Dynamic DNS client I get !yours errors from OpenDNS. Not surprising, and I should have thought about that.

    So, at the moment I either have to choose from unfiltered encrypted internet, or filtered unencrypted internet. Having to work with the latter at the moment, but would really like filtered, encrypted internet with MultiWAN. Any ideas appreciated.

  • Hey Mewsense, were you ever able to solve this?

    I'm working on a similar issue. My setup include two pfsense 2.1 firewalls. One is the OpenVPN server setup with a site-to-site tunnel to the other pfsense 2.1 box.

    On the client side the tunnel is working and so is the Multi-WAN failover gateway group. However if the route fails overs to the tier 2 GW OpenVPN connect does not switch over.

    Anyone else have any input on this? It would be much appreciated.

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