Packet Loss: 0.0%,RTT:54ms - why GW is down?

  • I found interesting situation, when GW's packet Loss: 0.0%, RTT: 54ms but GW is offline. Why? There is no packet loss, ping is good.

    pfSense 2.1

  • Rebel Alliance Developer Netgate

    Set the "down" time on the gateway to 30s rather than 10

    We have found that in times of very high packet loss the 10s default down time is not sufficient for apinger to properly gauge the loss.

  • @jimp:

    Set the "down" time on the gateway to 30s rather than 10

    But "up time" will be the same 30 seconds and lags will be noticeable for users. Is it possible (patch or additional package) to set asymmetric up/down time?

  • OK. Today I found another situation:

    Loss: 66.0%, RTT: 53ms
    Warning, Packetloss: 66%

    All settings are default, pinging one of's IPs, "Down" time is 30 secs. Why GW is not down with such packet loss?

  • Any ideas? :(

  • May or may not be related but I think there is something wrong in the packet loss calculation.

    Recently in my multiwan setup ( cable and adsl ) after an outage on the cable modem after it came back I was seeing packet loss consistently reading 14% even though their was no packet loss, I tuned off the modem again and packet loss went to 114% ?? . I rebooted pfsense,  turned the modem on and all was back to normal

  • I am also seeing weirdness with apinger in a multi-WAN setup. The stats for the 2nd WAN get stuck in a weird state showing huge packet loss or latency, but in reality there is no such packet loss or latency. The fix for me would be to restart the "apinger" service. Maybe this could be fixed in time for 2.1.1.

  • Currently I set Packet Loss thresholds to 1%/5% . Packet loss is 10% but GW is still up. Why? Is there any kind of fix?