• after i remove a static route and click apply, the maching freezes, and no more ping reply, nothing, even not when i reboot.
    I saw this on 2 machines, with different hardware. The static route was PPTP to local subnet…

  • what do you need this route for? adding a static route to a pptp tunnel is probably not a good idea. I don't think pptp was designed with static routes in mind. maybe that caused some major routing trouble but I doubt that the machine completely crashed. Did you check the console?

  • i see, propably i did it wrong, i need the pptp clients, wich are on 172,…. to have access to my local network, wich is 10.... so i should make a route to LAN, and in the ip range and gateway enter the pptp ones?

    The machine stops responding, no ping anymore, nothing. If i go to the console, its running normally, and nothing seems wrong.

  • You don't need routes for networks that are connected directly to the pfsense. It is routing between all known networks by default. You only need firewallrules to permit the traffic between the subnets.

  • okay thanks, now the box is running already for 2 days… :)