Update on build

  • Some time back I had posted this http://forum.pfsense.org/index.php/topic,62747.msg339531.html#msg339531 , now locked.
    I just wanted to update on how it went. It is up and running fine. I had some issues with hard drive right off the start. I just needed to adjust the bios setting. I had gone through and turned off all of the options provided to avoid conflicts. Turns out that it does not like it when the Boot Failure Guard is turned off. My understanding is that it is a feature that helps in the event that you have OC'd your system and it will no longer boot. As I left all of those features on auto no idea. But after working through the list of disabled features that was the one that was stopping the board from booting off of the SSD.
    I am running 2.1RC like Steve suggested. No issues with the onboard nic, just turned it off. Not using it anyway. It has been going strong and mostly silent. I run snort, pfblocker, use the vpn, and squid. Not very tasking. It handles all of this easily. I may upgrade to the release 2.1 but haven't decided when I want to do that.
    Thanks again for the help and information!


  • Good to hear…  I would certainly upgrade from the RC to the final release.  So easy to do with Firmware, Auto Update.

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