Constant crash and reboot since 2.1-RELEASE upgrade

  • Hi,

    I was wondering if someone can take a look at my crash reports. My pfSense box has been rebooting every few hours (6 to 12 hrs intervals). The latest crash report was uploaded today around 13:35 EST from IP 76.75.113.x.

    Please let me know if you need any extra info. I can also paste the report here if any else wants to take a look..

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    I didn't see any submitted from that IP, or the one from which you posted that message.

    Looking at the dump pasted in the link, I don't see anything that looks familiar. Do the backtraces from all of the crashes look the same? Or did you not save any of the older ones?

  • Are all the add-on packages present and functional after the upgrade that existed before the upgrade?

  • Thanks for looking jimp. I just uploaded a new crash report a few minutes ago from IP 76.75.114.x. Are you looking for the IP that submitted the report or at the time the crash occured? I have a dynamic IP that changes quite often. I also noticed that the report in the link has been truncated. I'll see if I can find another place I can copy it too.

    I do have a few copies of different crash reports but to be honest I'm not too sure what I'm looking for. I was looking at the Tracing of diffrent commands and they look similar between reports.

    @markn62, yes all the packages were the same before and after the upgrade. They all seemed to work fine as well. Yesterday I decided to remove a few packages to see if I can isolate the problem to a package (if that would be the culprit) but my box has crashed 4 times since I removed hem.

    Here are the only packages I currently have installed:
    bacula-client Services 5.2.6 pkg v 1.0.1
    nut Network Management 2.6.4 pkg 2.0
    OpenVPN Client Export Utility Security 1.0.11
    syslog-ng Services 3.3.6_2
    Varnish3 Services 3.0.2 pkg v.0.1

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    I still don't see any reports from that IP or anything even close to it. Do you have IPv6 on WAN? It may have submitted over IPv6

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    I did see a submission from an IPv6 IP at the time you said it would have submitted.

    All of the panics in it look the same, though, all from a run0 device, and not like the panic in the pasted link at all.

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    The IPv6 IP you PM'd me didn't match anything either.

  • I'm really unsure then which IP is being used…

    The issue may be around the wireless adapter I'm using. It's a RNX-N600UBE using the RT3572 chipset plugged-in via USB. It's using the run driver which I load through the boot.conf file

    I'll disable it and see if the crashes still occur.

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