Popularity of the WatchGuard Appliances

  • All,

    I wanted to do a quick poll regarding the popularity of the WatchGuard hardware for pfSense. Anyone doing a topic sort by popularity in this Hardware forum can see that the overall topic of re-purposing a ready-made firewall appliance with an maintained distribution is appealing to many. It could also be that the issues surrounding the initial installation are such that they generate a lot of posts.

    The overall idea is to document the popularity of this particular hardware by the numbers. It would give potential developers a sense of the size of the user base. As a contributor myself (the Watchguard LCD driver of the lcdproc package), I have no idea how many of these appliances are actually using it.

    There are a number of open issues surrounding the usability of the lcdproc package on this hardware in particular (restart, choice of client, etc.). Maybe this poll can serve as an incentive for a maintainer to come forward and help out with the pfSense package if the numbers justify it.

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    I went for option 2. Although I've installed the lcdproc-dev package, and hence your driver, I'm using a manual method to start it at boot and the standard lcdproc client. As described here:


  • Thanks for helping out with the survey. This is giving everyone some hard data to mull over. Now, what would be a reasonable multiplication factor (for every person that fills out the survey, how many have the same hardware, but do not respond) :-) ?

  • I have two units in service (mine and a associates) and two more coming. (just gotta go pick them up…)

  • Voted.

    Unfortunately I have moved away from the firebox because of the Realtec Ethernet Watchdog issues.

    Great box and would love to use it again.

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    The Realtek NICs on the X-Core boxes is unfortunate. The other, newer, models all have better NICs though.  ;)


  • I also moved away from the x-700s because of the NICs, went to the Symantec 5420's, but have also moved on from those to new 1u servers.  Still have 11 or 12 5420's and 5 or 6 x-700s laying around.

  • I have an X700 running at home and also a spare one packed away. Whilst I do have lcdd4 running it's more for the sake of it rather than for any practical benefit since my X700 is on the side of the top shelf of a built-in wardrobe so I can't read the LCD unless I get a step ladder.


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