Setting up pfsense in a VM

  • Hey guys I know this question has been asked before but I am stuck and can not get pfsense configured properly.

    I wanted pfsense installed in a vm so I could access the web configurator on the host machine and connect to my network remotely using the vpn in pfsense.

    I think I have gone wrong with the adaptor settings. I have as follows

    wan = we0(bridged with the adaptor the host uses)
    lan = we1(internal adaptor)

    in the host machine I have 1 nic that i use to connect to the internet and a wifi nic that I do not use. What would be the best or correct way of setting up the network adaptors?

  • What VM software are you attempting to use? What host OS on the computer? What is your goal with this, just to use pfsense to protect and give VPN access to one computer? Are there other computers on the network?

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