Traffic Graph not showing the list of my local network Ip addresses .

  • Team,

    After the Upgrade to 2.1 , my traffic graph is just showing me the ip address on the local network interface.
    Before I was able to see all my internal network Ip addresses  from the different segments, and the the bandwidth of each one of them.

    Please Help

  • There was a time during 2.1 development when the list showed all addresses (including really external ones) and at that time the Filter [All|Local|Remote] dropdown was added so the user could choose what to display. Then, for whatever reason in some forum discussion… the behaviour was changed back to displaying just local addresses. But I suspect that a "local address" is one on a directly-connected network.
    I am not familiar with the previous behaviour, but I guess it used to show entries for other bits of private address space that were behind another router on LAN, or across a VPN link or...?
    I think the ability to show all, regardless of being direct-connected, private intranet or public internet, then filter it, was good. I think it was the "rate" source/binary that has to be modified so it actually spits out all the data. Then the PHP can filter for display as selected by the user.

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