Monowall + pfSense as FreeRadius and Squid

  • due to the lack of per ip bandwidth shaping on pfsense, i ended building a second machine to run monowall

    my current setup is as follows :

    modem –-> pfsense box running squid and freeradius ---> monowall box running captive portal ---> access point ---> wireless clients.

    unfortunately i run in two problems :

    1 - i dont know how to put monowall as a pure router without NAT (turning on advanced outbound nat did not solve)
    i think this more a problem of routing, but...

    2 - i dont know how to use the freeradius package to send the per user bandwidth to the monowall captive portal application.

    if anyone with this setup can share experience with me, id be very gratefull.

  • regarding 1)
    enable advanced outbound nat at the m0n0. the pfSense needs a route back to the subnet behind the m0n0 via the m0n0 as gateway.

  • Thank you !

    the 1st problem is solved (and now i can see who visited wich page on lightsquid)

    but now i have only the second dragon to kill… hack pfsense freeradius to give monowall the per user bandwidth.

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