Through put test results

  • If anyone is interested in getting a general idea of pfSense performance, these are the results of my tests using iperf between two gigabit equipped desktops and the following pfsense system.

    pfSense 1.2RC2
    Intel 915GHA motherboard.
    P4 630 (I think)
    Intel Pro1000PT dual port PCIe NICs
    512Mb RAM

    Direct (crossover cable, no pfsense)
    TCP Window Size:
    8K 40K 100K 500K 1M 2M 10M
    Throughput (in MBytes/sec)
    38.5 98.3 104 104 108 107 106

    With unmanaged netgear Gigabit switch:
    100K 1M
    102M 101M

    pfSense Bridge (but filtering disabled)
    8K 40K 100K 500K
    22.5 62 85.7 86

    Filtering Bridge (with one "allow all rule")
    8K 40K 100K 500K 1M
    22.7 66.2 83.4 80.5 80.5

    Filtering Bridge (with 100 rules block rules, and a pass rule at the bottom)
    8K 40K 100K 500K 1M
    20.7 55.9 70.2 62.2 65.0

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