Firebox x750e vs existing rig

  • We recently had a power cut at work and when the power came back on, so did everything except our pfsense box! The PSU had died, what's annoying is that it was plugged into a surge protector, maybe you get what you pay for, £7 from Ikea. Luckily I had a x750e on standby (thank you stephen!!). A quick swap and its been plodding along nicely although a little noisy.

    Two part question:

    How does my old rig compare the firebox x750e? old machine:

    • Intel SE7221BK1-E mobo

    • p4 3ghz i think can't remember

    • 4GB RAM

    • 1 * Intel 82541PI 10/100/1000 (onboard)

    • 2 * Intel PRO/1000 MT Dual Port Server Adapter (pci-x)

    • 4gb CF card

    • Silent but in a desktop case

    I like having a spare box on standby and am wondering should I:

    1. replace the damaged PSU (its an old 8pin EPS, I don't have a spare) or
    2. buy another firebox on ebay and ebay my Intel PRO/1000 MT?


  • Netgate Administrator

    Hey Charlie. It's hard to say exactly how those two systems compare. I take it your X750e is using the original CPU? Does that P4 have hyperthreading?

    One thing is certain, the P4 box will be using a lot more power. I'm surprised it's silent, those old Netburst cpus usually required significant cooling. The 3GHz P4 will out perform a 1.3GHz Celeron on the firebox even though it's a less efficient architecture. The firebox has PCIe NICs (the 4 msk NICSs) but PCI-X would be more than capable in most setups. The firebox is rackmoutable but if you don't need that it's just an inconvenient shape.

    I guess it really depends on what you are pushing through it. If both boxes are easily capable of the job then I'd keep the firebox. It's purpose built for 24/7 operation. Of course I'm not unbiased.  :P


  • @charlie0440:

    A quick swap and its been plodding along nicely although a little noisy.

    To make it MUCH quieter, see HERE.


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