NAT problem after upgrade to 2.1

  • Hello everyone,

    I am writing because, after have upgraded to the latest version (2.11) I am having trouble reaching the wan ip addresses from my lan.

    Let me explain
    WAN: (gw:

    from the LAN (regardless of the ip and machine) browse quietly but I can not get to any services provide in WAN
    In particular:

    • I have two services http, on two different machines, the LAN (and only LAN) does not see it, all "the rest of the world" yes.
    • The fw of his pings all addresses correctly
    • is possible to ping from wan (opening echo) to LAN and attain the services present in it (http)
    • LAN reaches every address (except those wan) and can ping the wan gw
    • LAN is reached (via public ip nat) from "all over the world" including machines in wan

    I noticed that doing the tracert from the LAN to a different wan ip gw (eg packets stop at the lan gw ( all without distinction as to pfsense pingo is that lan wan, the traceroute to the gw is ok.

    To expose services using the nat 1:1 with a set of rules to enable the ports necessary from the outside (I have re-checked)

    Before upgrading pfsense, the wan's services was available correctly from the lan (so I relate).

    Immediately after updating, I configured openvpn client class for, but I do not think that this will somehow center.

    Thanks for your attention

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