[SOLVED]Issues Running 2 FTP Servers, 2nd One on Another Port Has Issues

  • Not sure if this is the right place for this.

    I am trying to run 2 FTP servers that can be accessible from the outside.

    They are on 2 different ports on the outside and inside

    The one running on the default port works fine, the one running on the other port will connect but fail when it retrieves the directory listing.

    If i switch the non working one to the default FTP port it works all the way through past the initial error of getting the directory listing.

    Ive tried different NAT forwarding, NAT & FTPProxy, PURE NAT, and system default with no change.

    On the FTP Server i have passive setup and enabled and even opened up the passive FTP port range with no luck.

    Also when connecting to the either one on the default port it pulls the external address, when connecting on the other port is pulls the servers local address.

    Need help on this one.

  • Hi!

    I´m running 2 ftp servers behind pfsense with no problems in passive mode.

    Check out my reply in this thread to see if it helps.


  • worth a shot!

    thanks, will post when i get a chance to try it

  • Also with your problem of internal address.

    If you connect from behind a NAT You need to make sure that your ftp client sends the correct IP adress to the ftp server.
    I think your client sends the computers IP adress as the response adress and that´s an internal IP of your LAN.

    In the FlashFxp client I use it´s called "Use site IP for passive connections" that I have to enable.
    Think I seen some that´s called something with "IP masq" in some clients.
    Look around your settings in the client.

    For the FTP server you should have a setting where you enter your external address to respond with when using passive mode.


  • Thanks so much!

    The option to put my external address fixed the issue.