Rural Africa : MultiWan Load Balancing with VLAN ( Mikrotik RB750UP to Pfsense)

  • Hello Dear Experts  :D

    I live in rural Africa in a part of the country where ADSL connections are capped at 1 M/s.
    I am in the process of scoping out a multi-wan solution with vlan in order to reach a needed 4 M/s connection and acquiring the required gear to accomplish that.

    Here is a rough diagram showing the plan to load balance 4 x 1M/s accessed wirelessly.

    Here is a description of a similar setup recommended by Pfsense team, using a managed switch:

    Since we need to power the Ubiquiti CPE Clients using POE (outdoors), I would like to use Mikrotik RB750UP Router as an affordable VLAN capable switch.

    Creating VLAN2… VLAN5 to tag traffic coming from WAN 1-4 though the Ubiquiti AP routers onto POE capable ports 2-5 on RB750UP.

    Then sending that traffic through port 1 RB750UP into Pfsense.

    Then setting up load balancing between VLAN 2-5 in Pfsense using its MultiWan feature set.

    We already know how to use pfsense for load balancing.

    However, reading through the Mikrotik documentation I could not determine the following:

    Can Mikrotik RB750UP do the job?

    Can it tag traffic coming from each wireless client router using VLAN , than send it through to Pfsense and back?

    I found the following document, but could not decipher it with certainty  :-\

    Thanks in advance for your kind feedback!!

  • is exactly what you want to accomplish to
    put PoE ports to access mode and "ETHERNET" port to trunk mode, it should be working

  • Many thanks for taking the time to review and answer.

    I guess I was baffled due to that document saying the switch chip on RB750UP does NOT support Rule tables.

    I gather from your previous message that this does not matter for our scenario.

    Thanks again for your kind assistance.

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