Internal to Bridge problem

  • I really hope u guys can give me some pointers also sorry for my bad english ;)

    I have a LAN, DMZ and a WAN configured on my pfsense and it works all fine except that i'm having an issue with my DMZ network
    Now i have put a webserver in my dmz and give this server a public ip adress, i can access the internet and users from this webserver can receive mail and send mail through webmail from this server.
    I also have a MAIL server on my internal network and this mail server also can send and receive mail from external.

    But when i try to mail from a email address on my internal mailserver to a email address who is configured on my webserver then mail will not be delivered.
    and this also failes when i try to mail from a email address on my webserver to a email address on my  internal mail server

    I know its a routing/nat issue when i try to telnet from internal to my dmz then it fails
    i have made firewall rules but i just cannot get it to work.


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