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    I came across the installation of pfsense online and they all point to having 2 lan interface and 1 wan interface. In my situation I want to install it on an hp server hardware and only use it as a captive portal and possible radius server. Inteface will be two lan interfaces. Is it okay if it doesn't have an inferface directly facing the internet (wan). This server will just be for captive portal. Im really confused. I hope someone could help.

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    You must have one interface that points upstream, so to speak, but it doesn't have to have a public IP. In your case the WAN interface will be whichever connects to your existing router. The terms WAN and LAN are commonly used but really only refer to interfaces that have an upstream gateway for routing traffic or not.


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    Curious to what "all" your refer to that talk about 2 lan interfaces with 1 wan interface..  its a router/firewall - your going to want 2 interfaces or how do you route between anything ;)  Or firewall between anything? ;)

    You could have 3 sure, you could have 6, etc.  Where you have multiple WAN, and multiple LAN, etc.

    If you put a gateway on the interface then pfsense would treat that as a WAN interface - so this would be connected to whatever network you have a gateway to get to other networks (internet normally)  Your lan interface as pfsense would see it would be where your clients connect that want to get through to the networks on the other side of pfsense, ie pfsense's wan.

    Sure you could use a captive portal to let them out or not, etc.

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