Lanner FW-7541D Installation Howto

  • I have a Lanner FW-7541D with an 100GB SSD Drive and searching here in Forum some Info's howto Install a Pfsense full Installation on this unit but nothing clear enough find something here. Mybe someone here who can say a quick howto for this.


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    There was a thread that covered it while back but it's not all nicely laid out, it's two pages of comments:,66684.0.html

    The most important thing from that is this:

    TAB did work to get me into the BIOS. ( Learn something new every day.)

    I changed to SATA ONLY and I was able to get it to boot.


  • Hello stephenw10,
    thx for the quick answer i looked this comments but this all give not any Point how to beginn.
    I try it from my Hyper-v Server put the disk in and take it in Hyper-v as pysical Disk, when i go to in Format Options i get after an fdisk error 1.
    The Image what i used was the 2.1 Live Cd AMD64.

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    Ok, two options here:
    1. Transfer the disk to different machine that has a CD drive. Boot from the CD and install using the default settings. Boot the disk and go into the webgui, select serial console in System: Advanced: Admin access:  Now transfer the disk back to the 7541 and boot it. Make sure the hd setting the bios is set to 'SATA ONLY' as the other user found. When the machine boot's it will stop at a mountroot error if the disk is detected as a different device (quite likely). Enter '?' at the prompt for a list of devices and choose the appropriate one. Once booted edit the fstab to point at the correct disk locations.

    2. Write the memstick-serial image on to a USB flash stick. Boot the 7541 from that. Install as normal using the prompts.


  • wow many many thx mate this now enlighten me.

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