Dns server in another interface

  • Hi, I have two interfaces. LAN1 and LAN2. In lan1 i have DNS server. I would like configure LAN1 DNS SERVER for LAN2.

    I created a rule that allow traffic between LAN1 to lan2. But it can't work.

    any idea that i do wrong?


  • Which interface did you put the rule/s on?
    To allow access from LAN2 into LAN1 you need pass rule/s on the LAN2 tab, source LAN2 subnet addresses, destination LAN1 subnet addresses.

  • Hi!

    Yes i did that.

    Lan1 subnet: /23
    Lan2 subnet;

    DNS server:

    I don't know how  I do to configure it


  • On LAN2 you need a rule:
    pass all source LAN2net destination
    Post your rules if you are stuck.

  • LAYER 8 Global Moderator

    If you want to allow only dns, then your rule would be as above with tcp/udp 53 as the dest port.

    But why not just allow dns queries to the lan2 interface IP?  This would be a more common setup - dnsmasq can run on whatever IPs you want it to listen on.. Not like you have to run another instance of it or anything - it will just listen on more than one interface is all for queries.

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