• How can I tell the notifications settings not to email me about every cron running on the system every 20 min.

    It's driving me crazy! :P


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  • I'm not sure how that works.  However, is there a unique string of characters in the emails about cron that you could tell your email service to delete upon receipt?  Never send to in-box?

  • Also, jimp recently made a fix to the cron package so it no longer accidentally starts multiple copies of cron. Re-installing cron package should mean your system has less copies of cron to tell you about.

  • Rebel Alliance Developer Netgate

    Cron wouldn't be sending you e-mail unless:

    1. You (re)installed arpwatch after my recent e-mail fix for it
    2. You have a cron job that generates an error or output

    The most common cause for the second option there is that default config includes a newsyslog cron job that isn't valid any more, you can install the cron package and remove that job.

  • @jimp:

    2. You have a cron job that generates an error or output

    Cron will email any output, not just error. Adding /sbin/sendmail to arpwatch pckage caused many emails sent from newsyslog job, which is left for some reason in pfSense 2.1 even if newsyslog is not included. But besides that, there are other packages, which may generate email - Snort is one example.

    The best workaround is to inlclude empty MAILTO in crontab file, however I do not think it was the best idea to include /sbin/sendmail in arpwatch without a way to turn emails off in the first place.