Full-time pfSense programmer position

  • I am trying to find a Seattle area pfSense programmer for a full time position with our company.

    I work for an existing firewall appliance company.  I have managed to convince our board of directors and executives that we should dump our old core platform, and revamp our product to be based on the core foundation of pfSense.  To go with this they have authorized me to hire another programmer to help with the effort.  I am coming to the pfSense community first with the hopes of finding an experienced pfSense programmer that would like a full time job working with/on pfSense, and helping port/transfer the company's own functionality from the old to the new platform base.

    If there is/are any experienced pfSense programmers out there in the Seattle area that would be interested in this position please contact me via PM.

    I will also consider a programmer outside the Seattle area, but would like to investigate local opportunities first.  Feel free to PM me with your interest even if you aren't in the Seattle area, and I will contact you if I do not find someone in Seattle.

    Thank you,

  • I'm lacking on responses from people in Seattle so I'm opening this up to consideration of a programmer anywhere in the US at the moment.  Please PM me if interested.


  • Ron,

    Can you go into a little more depth about what this position would require as a skill set.  What kinds of projects you're wanting this person to engage in, etc?

  • Hi submicron,

    Really this will mainly entail porting/building new packages (both internal custom software and some open source projects) onto pfSense.  We don't plan to modify the base pfSense any more then absolutely necessary so that we can stay in sync with changes with the base project as it moves forward.  Obviously the internal proprietary packages won't be released publicly though.  Potentially this person would take on managing some of the existing pfSense packages that don't have a current maintainer that we will be using also in our product.

    We'll also need to customize the GUI template (we'll want our own look), and in some cases to either hide what we don't want the end user to see (in some cases pfSense offers more advanced features than we want the end user to be presented with in a certain model), and/or extend with settings for our proprietary packages of course.

    Outside the scope of pfSense directly, the programmer may be asked to work on other backend software such as enhancements/changes to our licensing server, update management server, customer portal, etc.  They may also be involved in some amount of higher level tech support when issues arise that require more advanced troubleshooting.

    The basic core set of skills I expect are C/C++, PHP, Perl, basic shell programming, maybe some Javascript, and of course HTML if you really want to call that programming if they're going to help with our website at all.

    If you have any other questions please let me know.  If anyone knows anyone within the Seattle area, I'd really like to talk to them.  If anyone within the US is interested I would also welcome talking to them.  I'd like to hire someone already involved in pfSense since I'd like to not only gain a headstart on the learning curve of programming on pfSense, but also I would like to find someone really interested in working on pfSense that wants to put more time into the project in general as part of their job when we are between our own development cycles.


  • We are considering creating a similar Sydney, Australia - based position if there are any Aussies looking.

    C1, Sydney

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