Routing real IP's…........

  • ok, this is prbably easy for you guys, but i cant figure it out.

    i have a bunch of ip addresses (real world ones eg. -255)
    i need 252 to go to an exchange server
    253 to an RDP server
    254 to a name server

    i also have 3 internal networks
    192.168.15.x corporate internal needs internet access
    192.168.25.x needs internet access and kept seperate
    192.168.25.x wireless access

    how do i configure this (i know it can be done because a previous employee set it up and i found a way to kill the HD)



  • The easiest way to do this is probably having a bridged DMZ Interface and a bunch of other interfaces (or maybe vlans) for the other internal networks. in This scenario one of the public IPs will be assigned to the pfSense WAN and will be used for natting the other private subnets behind it and the other IPs can be used for the Servers in the DMZ.

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