Reboot pfsense on WAN disconnect

  • Hi,

    I am running 2.1-BETA1 18/March 2013 (yes, I know… it is old). I do not want to upgrade until December when I can have some downtime in case I have issues.

    Occasionally, my WAN connection fails and then reconnects some time later. All goes well, apart from my Asterisk server fails to renew any registrations I have with external suppliers. A reboot of the pfSense box cures this (I suspect there is some state left in the routing tables somewhere).

    Is there any easy way to trigger a reboot on loss of connection (yes, I know this is a workaround and doesn't actually fix the problem)? I'm manually looking daily and rebooting at the moment....


  • Hey!

    What about this…

    System--> Advanced--> Miscellaneous: and look at the Gateway Monitoring section.
    There you have an option to kill all states if GW goes down.

    Option is: State Killing on Gateway Failure
    If box NOT checked, states will be killed if GW goes down.

    This should fix it for you.


  • Good suggestion…  :D but the box is already cleared  :(

  • I think I`ve read a similar thread somwhere in this forums…

    Is it possible this is a bug that states are not completley wiped?

  • Thanks.

    I'll have a search (and see if I can find a window to move to 2.1 release).

    Anyone who has any pointers - gratefully received :)

  • Any ideas how to achieve this?

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