Add additional prefix to network interface

  • Hi all,

    i've been given administering access to pfsense 2.0.3 in production.
    There are many interfaces, each in it's own network. Now we got another /24 network prefix routed to this pfsense setup (advertising it using OpenBGPD). I want this /24 network to become available on the same physical network interface where another /24 bit network already resides (also advertised via OpenBGPD).

    If i go to interfaces -> $"interface name for old /24 bit network", i don't see any option to add another IP/network under "Static IP configuration". So my question is this, how can I add another IP/network to this interface?

    Using console it would be easy, but it would not wise to bypass WEBGUI.

    Using CARP might be an option, but because i don't have another pfsense firewall with CARP, flooding network with VRRP advertisements seems stupid.

  • Huh 2 networks on same interface…
    Sounds like VLAN to me :)

  • I'm familiar with 802.1q, but in this case, the costumer doesn't want to implement VLANs.

    Think of it as basic IP aliasing, except on a different subnet. FreeBSD users should understand something like this:
    ifconfig_em0_alias0="inet y.y.y.1 netmask"
    is what i want.

  • OK then :)

    See attached image, maybe will help :)

    BTW, why not VLAN?

  • Netgate Administrator

    Looks like you should use a virtual IP of type 'IP alias'.
    Look in Firewall: Virtual IPs:


    Edit: Beat me to it!  ::)

  • Yeah sorry, you are correct…
    I have wrong radio button selected in upper screenshot... It should be first one IP alias as  Stephen said :)

  • Thank you both / hvala.

    I will try and use IP alias.

  • Sure thing :)

    You should really upgrade to 2.1 :)

    Lepo da je še kak Slovenc tle gor :)

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