Problems querying a host out in the wild from behind pfsense.

  • hello I just set up my pfsense router and everything is working great except for one thing, I cannot connect to a doom2 source port master server at port 15300 from any computer on my LAN.  I even tried adding a rule in both WAN and LAN allowing any traffic to that host in desperation on pfsense.

    The connection simply times out. I know the server i'm trying to get to is up and working. This is my issue.

    Is this a NAT or upnp issue maybe?

    So to recap, everything works great, HTTP, IRC, FTP  etc. except for connections to this doom2 master server out in the wild at port 15300.

    Please help, thank you much.

  • Netgate Administrator

    Not entirely sure what you mean by 'doom2 source port master'. The last time I played Doom 2 it was over a very long serial cable!  ;)
    What requirements does that server have? Does it require you forward ports? UPNP?
    Do you have a link?


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