DNS Forwarder to WordPress Multisite 3.6

  • For the life of me, I cannot figure out how to set my DNS Forwarder properly to get to my WordPress installation.

    I had it set before on a different server that uses templates (contribs.org - SME), but that that I have moved it to CentOS 6, everytime I type in the public domain name, it rewrites to https:// and it does not load.
    The hit never makes it to the Apache access log, so I'm not even sure it is being forwarded properly. Again, this was working on a different system based on templates, but the overhead was too much. Now I'm on a CentOS 6 VM, and the overhead is great, site is accessible from the outside, but not from the Local LAN.

    Site address: mtrosemedia.org

    I get a long waiting period in chrome that says "Resolving host…" in the taskbar, and, after 45 seconds, I get this webpage is not available, with the new address in the address bar as https://mtrosemedia.org

    Is there something that I have to change in my .htaccess, httpd.conf, or DNS Forwarder?

    I'm on DNS Forwarder 2.03. Again, all was great until I switched to a CentOS web server

  • You said that it was working till you changed the webserver?? If it is this, you should revise your Centos configs (using the centos foruns, for example).

    One workaround you could test is on DNS Forwader create a rule to resolve mtrosemedia.org to your internal webserver without https.

    Host: "empty"

    Domain: mtrosemedia.org

    IP address: "your internal IP address"

    This should resolve, if it is the pfsense problem.


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