Ntop web interface does not listen on IPv6

  • I installed ntop into my fresh install of pfSense 2.1, and i was confused when the ntop link would appear, but clicking it did nothing:

    i inspected the html, to figure out what kind of strange link this was that does nothing when clicked:

    *   [ntop](http://[2001:3000)
    *   [ntop Settings](/pkg_edit.php?xml=ntop.xml&id=0)
    The Url in use is:
    Looks like there's some buggy [b]Uri[/b] parsing going on. Someone sees a [b]:[/b] in a url and thinks it must be the port separator. It is there that they tack on port 3000:
    i manually browsed to [b][/b], and was able to view [b]ntop[/b] web gui.
    Someone's not handling IPv6 addresses correctly.
    [b]Bonus Chatter[/b]
    i notice that ntop doesn't understand IPv6 traffic:
    [code]EtherType = 0x86DD (Internet Protocol version 6)[/code]
    only Encapsulated IPv6
    [code]EtherType: 0x800 (Internet Protocol version 4)
    IP Protocol: 41 (IPv6 Encapsulation)[/code]
    i also noticed that [b]ntop[/b] doesn't listen on IPv6 port 3000\. i tried browsing to the [i]correct[/i] IPv6 url:
        rather than
    And it never responds. [b]ntop[/b] doesn't support IPv6 all the way around. 
    I don't know the relationship between packages, and pfSense, and ntop. i don't know if this is something to report in the [b]Packages[/b] forum, the [b]IPv6[/b] forum, or on [b]ntop.org[/b] (Although ntop.org doesn't seem to be actually related to ntop)
    But either way; there it is for posterity.[/code]

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