Hardware question

  • I am using a sc440 dell poweredge server.  It has a Pentium D processor at 3.00 GHz with 1 gb of ram.  Right now it is running running 1 processor.  I had to do a rebuild after I blew my firewall up.  I pulled a 100 mb intel nic out.

    sThe server went up in smoke.  I rebuilt with the snap shot 1.2 RC-3 dated October 18th.  It is working very well.  the Dashboard is working and the VPN tunnel status is working and also IPSEC passthrough is working as well.

    However it is only seeing 1 or the 2 processor cores.  Right now I don't have a huge processor load but I am planning on added some services to the firewall.

    My other question is what is smallest disk that I can use to install PF-Sense.  I have a CF-flash to IDE adapter.  I have a 64 MB flash card in it.  I have access to a 512 MB flash card or a 1 GB flash card.  I even have a 4 GB usb drive.

    Any recommendations.

  • The default install now uses a kernel without SMP. You need to choose the SMP kernel when prompted during the installation. Embedded images always use a non-SMP kernel. So you need a full install, and hence can't use CF. You could get by with a 1 GB or bigger microdrive or hard drive.

  • When I reinstalled I got both cpu's, when I update to the lastest snapshot that is when it went back to one CPU.  I really don't want to change builds, now.  It is working so well.  but I really would like to get both cores backup and up and running.  It really would make a difference.  right now it is running great.  No issues with anything.  I wish there was a way just to change from one core to multi-core with out a reinstall.

    When I have updated in the past I have not gotten the option to change core during the update process.  I think one time when it was running two cores I did see a button about single processor or multi-processor options.  It ihas not been present resently on the snapshots.  I have decided to stick with the Oct. 18 snapshot.  It seems to be the most stable and all the features that I use are working except the muti-core option.


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