Got "Unknown Gateway/Dynamic" for pfSense IPsec VPN Gateway and mobile client

  • I am configure a VPN IPsec gateway in my home vpSense server, and try to connect to mobile VPN client. Now, I got a trouble on it, after the VPN connection is established, the mobile client cannot reach the VPN gatway and (pfSense) local LAN. Also, I found that "Unknown Gateway/Dynamic" error in IPsec' log of pfSense.

    After that I spent many days to read information which regarding IPsec configuration from pfSense forum and other websites. But the problom is still exist, I cannot fix it by myself. Do anyone can help?

    I have captured the configuration and below is the basic infomartion for the environment:

    Site 1
    Internet Connection => PC (pfSense 2.1 x64 edition) => consumer grade broadband router as a AP

    Local LAN IP: (pfSense), (AP)

    Site 2
    Android Mobile Phone (sharing the Internet connection to laptop) => laptop (OS: MS Windows 7 x64)

    VPN client side software: Shrew Soft VPN client standard edition version 2.2.2

    Remark: Windows embedded firewall is disabled

    VPN IP: (on laptop) [but showing in IPsec log]

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  • forgot to upload the most important thing … IPsec' log