PfSense behind a proxy

  • Hello,

    I just set up pfSense (for the first time) on a second LAN network (LAN 2). This new local network go through a first local network (LAN 1) already up (I can modify it, it's my society network). If LAN 1 clients want to have a internet access, they need to use the proxy server (without authentication).

    This a my network :

    [WEB]–--[LAN 1 network with proxy]–--[my pfSense]–-[LAN 2 network]

    I can't go though LAN 1.
    I necessary need to go through it (and to have internet, use the proxy server of LAN 1).

    In pfSense > System > Advanced > Miscellaneous > Proxy support, I have provided LAN 1 proxy URL and port.

    Everything is alright : pfSense have Internet.

    But: LAN 2 clients can't access to Internet if they don't provide the LAN 1 proxy server address. Are they a possibility to have internet without specify the proxy adress? I thought that by specifying a proxy server in the admin pfSense, the LAN 2 workstations automatically benefit from the proxy (ie all traffic pass through the proxy). Is this possible? Are there an option to specify (I'd missed it)?


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