DHCP Option 66 and Option 67 per Mac Address

  • Hi everybody,
    I'm playing with pfSense 2.1 here in office and I love it. We have few and different VoIP phones and I'd like to give different provisioning options to different phone models.
    I see on the WebGui that I can set up DHCP options 66 and 67 but seems I can set them up only for all the clients and not on a per MAC basis.
    Am I right?
    Telling the truth, I see I can set up the  Option 66 (tftp server) but not the Boot File Name Option 67, in "DHCP Static Mappings for this interface".
    Is there a way to configure booth the options for every MAC I need? Maybe configuring DHCP files manually via CLI (SSH)?
    Thanks for any help!

  • Bump?
    None has this needs except me?  :)

  • I really need this too - for exactly the same reasons.

    I'm going to dig into the DHCP server via the CLI and see what can be done.

  • I tried to mess up a bit with the dhcp config files but they are rewritten every time you check the Web Gui.
    Unless there is a directory for import branch of configurations that I don't know.  :-[

  • It doesn't appear that pfSense is written to allow assignment of option 67 in a fixed address reservation (industry speak for "DHCP static mapping").  While the underlying ISC DHCPd daemon will certainly do what you're wanting to do, the configuration options are a bit limited from within the UI.  I was thinking that there might be a way to add the info manually to a backed up config.xml file, then restore the file to get those options into the system.

    It isn't very elegant in terms of a solution.  And I don't know that it would actually work, due to the pfSense syntax tag "<numberoptions>" not typically showing up anywhere in the xml file other than as a dhcpd "global" option.  In other words, I don't know if the xml config engine would recognize that option as a valid one if the option was encountered inside of a "<staticmap>…</staticmap>" bracket set, as opposed to it's usual location in the global dhcp options.  You could try it and see.

    Just my thoughts, but it might work.  Of course pfSense might simply remove all of your additional option strings from those staticmap sections the next time config.xml is rewritten by the UI.  And that's a lot of work to have it just disappear.

    Another option (depending on your brand of voip phones) might be to check and see if your voip phone can be configured to boot, get a vanilla IP from DHCPd, then automatically query DNS for it's config provider and/or controller.  A few voip phone systems and will do this.  As well, several wireless (wifi) LAN systems offer this as an alternative.  You might check and see if yours do so.


  • Thanks Treffin for the suggestions.
    I tried to add the section to the <staticmap>declaration directly in config.xml but as soon as I touch the GUI the section is removed :)

    I'm going to explore the DNS option on the phone side but if you think of something else or If I do, I'll write here.