Firewall: NAt changes don't reflect RULES changes

  • Whenever I make a modification to a rule in the NAT page in pfsesne 1.0.1, and I apply the changes, I dont see the changes apply in the RULES section under firewall.

    Say if I change an IP address for a port forward, I click on edit, then do my changes then APPLY and I see the reload status, and it finishes. If I go to the RULES section I can still see the old IP address in the section where I changed it, and it wont update the changes unless I manually go into one of the rules and change it as well.

    Is this a bug or am I doing something wrong.

  • This is by design and not a bug.  When you change, for example, an ip address during a NAT rule edit, you have to go and also change the corresponding rule in the RULES section as well.  So as you mentioned, you have to go and manually edit BOTH matching rules.

    enjoy :)

  • Hint: Use aliases if you don't want to change multiple settings.  ;)

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