Installing Pfsense 2.1 on Zywall USG 200 - is it possible?

  • I have tried different versions of pfsense on a Dell OptiPlex 9010, 8 gigs RAM and quad Intel NIC with limited success.  I seem to have issues with stability and some general strange behavior which I'm fairly sure has everything to do with the fact that I'm a noob.  So, I have a Zywall USG 200 and was wondering if I could get pfsense load onto/into it?  I've read about installing pfsense on Watchguard appliances but nothing on Zyxell - Zywall USG 200.

    It has a Freescale 8343e CPU and 256 Megs of Ram.

    Anybody heard/tried to install pfsense on Zywall Hardware?

    Thank you Very much. :)

  • Netgate Administrator

    The Freescale 8343e is PowerPC architecture, currently pfSense only supports X86 (32 and 64bit). So no it won't run on that, sorry.


  • Hey, thank you for the quick response.  I really want to learn the pfsense platform so I'll probable purchase a solid appliance and go from there.


  • If you just want to learn pfSense, pick up a cheapo box on eBay. No reason to go all-out on an appliance with less power than a $100 server :) (or better yet, run it in a VM network)