Multiple Wan networks on same interface

  • Hi All,

    I have two separate /27 networks that are provided to us by virgin media. There is a Cisco router in front of our PFsense firewall that controls failover between two lines. We get presented both of these networks through one network cable on the same VLan.

    I cant seem to add a Carped IP in the second network with an error saying its not in the first range. I have tried adding the second range to the same interface but it complains about it already being used.

    How would I go about adding these IP's to the same interface?

  • Is this not possible or am i going about this the wrong way?

  • So you want to remove the Cisco and hook up both subnets directly to pfSense?

  • No the cisco kit is not owned by us and it does failover between our primary line and a backup one so we cant remove it.

    We are only presented one cable that has both subnets using the same vlan.

  • From what you describe i'd use an "Alias" type virtual IP.

  • thanks GruensFroeschl

    Does a IP Alias fail between two pfsense boxes like a carped address would do, or would I have to add the network as an IP Alias and then single carped addresses for each of the IP addresses?