IPSEC - with same LAN on both end tunnel

  • Hi there.

    I can't be the only one in the universe with this problem (i have searched and searched…)

    We have a LAN range:

    I have setup an IPSEC with gateway (the other ends wan ip - not the real ip)

    The tunnel is up and running


    is that the other end is using the SAME LAN RANGE!

    I know that Cisco is using SAT to overcome this situation. But how do we do it with Pfsense on the one side and a Juniper on the other? On the other end, i have to ping a range - which i can't, beacuse it seems that the routning is never leaved from the pfsense when i ie. try ping

    Hope i have made my self clear.. - English is not my native language.

    with regards

  • This isn't possible with pfsense.

  • Re-IP one of the sites.  How hard could it be?


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