• HI all

    First of all, let me just put out a general thanks for the users of this forum. It has been a great help getting things set up!

    Im currently suck on a problem ive been unable to find the answer to on here so far.

    I have installed squid as a package though the addon part of pfSense, for what its worth I have transparent proxy turned on and caching small files and pictures.

    THe box is setup with a WAN card which does the PPPoE side of things for me (the modem is in bridge mode) and a LAN side. DHCP is turned of as a server 2012 machine does this for me.

    I want to use reverse proxy to take HTTP requests from the outside world and send them to the correct IP address within my LAN (i only have one IP and multiple servers internal)

    To do this i have set up 'Web Servers' tab to list the various servers in my network operating on port 80. Within the mapping tab i create items where the rule is turned on, the URI that will be coming toward my network is listed and the peer which i would like it to route to is also listed.

    In my mind this is all that would be required??

    Once i flick the switch an enable to changes, all my OUTBOUND traffic stops, and gets routed to one of my servers ( and all inboudn requests time out.

    Any ideas would be greatly appreciated.


  • To update:

    Progress maybe just to the side tho!!

    Two servers: &

    Urls: 1.a.com, 2.a.com, 3.a.com, 4.a.com.

    The two servers are set up as peers within the Webservers Tab of Reverse Proxy, they are both listed on port 80 and have their relevant IP address listed.

    subdomains 1 and 2 are meant to go to 3 and 4 should go to

    Everything is going to 200.