Help sizing hardware

  • Hi All -

    I'm trying to get an idea of how much CPU/RAM my pfSense box should have in order to support a network environment with an intense mix of gaming/bittorrent (i.e. a huge amount of states).  I looked at the WRAP/ALIX boards, but feel that 500MHz/256MB may be inadequate.  I'm looking at the Hacom 1GHz/1GB Lex Neo, but the total cost will be close to $600 after RAM, wireless, and HD.  Can someone please advise?

    Thanks in advance!

  • About how many states are you talking?
    I'm running a network with a few BT users.
    Average about 2k states with peaks around 5k and CPU usage average around 25%, peaks around 40%.
    6 Mbit down, 1 Mbit up. Never had any problems with a WRAP (128 MB RAM, 233 Mhz).

  • in testing I got about 60mbytes/sec through a £250 desktop plus a PCIe intel server gigabit NIC if that is any use to you.

    you'll pay a lot more for a low power quiet semi-embedded system than a standard desktop…..

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