Squid breaks Sky+ OnDemand service

  • My wife this evening complained the Sky+ OnDemand had stopped working "some time ago". This made it hard to correlate this to anything I may have done with the home network!"

    A message was being displayed with a "For Your Information" heading, "91" in the top right hand corner, and "On Demand is currently unavailable Please try later" displayed below.

    I got to the bottom of it in the end; looking in the firewall logs having enabled all logging from the Sky+ box I saw that the firewall was passing some TCP requests from the Sky+ box to localhost:3128, the web cache port for Squid.

    I added the SkyPlus IP alias setup in the firewall to the "Bypass proxy for these source IPs" setting under "Proxy server: General settings", saved the settings and tried again.

    Given that the other other access I've seen from the Sky+ box has been to port 3700, I don't understand why this traffic was being cached. Can anybody shed any light on this?



  • Include¬† your Sky+ box transparent proxy source address bypass