Cf card error?

  • ad2: FAILURE - SETFEATURES SET TRANSFER MODE status=51 <ready,dsc,error>error=4 <aborted>ad2: 244MB <hitachi xxm2.3.0="" rev="" 3.00="">at ata1-master BIOSPIO

    hello all!
    i'm getting this message during boot. does it mean that my cf card is getting close to its eol?
    the reason i noticed that is for the last weeek or so the transfer speed inside my vpn went down alot and i was looking for a reason why. i did some tests using netio126 and when i run it from behind pfsense to a box on inet everything is ok. but between my vpn locations it is low. is there any other ways to check it?
    oh! one more thing… im using 1.2beta-1-testing-snapshot-06-06-2007 on embedded. can i update it without rewriting the cf card by just going through system->firmware?

  • You should be able to do that.  I use that method and write to the hd woth our a issue.

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