Which kernel should I use? Is embedded fastest? (newbie question)

  • I have an Athlon 1.0 GHz computer I'd like to install pfSense onto.

    It will not have a monitor or a keyboard hooked up.

    Should I use the embedded kernel or the single processor one?

  • Do your athlon have multiple cores?
    the SMP is for multicore.
    Are you running off a harddisk?
    If yes you should take the full install. (You can install packages).
    Afaik somewhere in the advanced settings you can disable the local console.
    (system –> advanced --> misc. i think)

  • No, my Athlon is a single core.

    Yes, I'm running off my hard drive.

    I was just thinking that embedded would be faster (and more light-weight) since it disables keyboard and video support…

  • @hoba:

    There is no difference from the embedded or livecd or full install version when it comes to the webgui. The only difference is that packages are only supported when using the full install.

    And the embedded version is pre-configured that the kernel wont panic if he does not find a keyboard or graphiccard.

    other then that there are no differences.

  • You should run the single processor kernel. Embedded disables some things (like DMA) which you do not normally want to disable on a full PC, but typically have to be disabled for things to work on embedded hardware.

    There is no measurable performance difference between any of the kernels. They all have largely the same options.

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