VPNIPsec - Routing traffic trough VPN

  • Hello,

    I created a VPNIpsec between 2 sites. 
    Network Site A :
    Network Site B :

    From A to B, ping is OK (with a route), but I don't know to do it in pfsense (to route traffic from to through my VPN).

    When I look in System / Routing, it is possible to add manual route but I can't specify which interface (VPN).



  • Rebel Alliance Developer Netgate

    The "routes" for IPsec are defined by the Phase 2 entries.

    If you have a Phase 2 defined for to, any traffic that hits the firewall will automatically take the tunnel.

  • On my other site (with another firewall), I needed to manually add a route to allow traffic for to
    Without this route, it is not possible.
    No route to add in pfsense for the traffic from to ?


  • Problem solved (not in pfsense). route was OK in pfsense