MultiLink PPP with pfSense?

  • I find myself in the happy circumstance of having two DSL lines running to my premises. I also have an ISP in the area (TekSavvy) that supports MultiLink PPP connections. I know pfSense doesn't support dual PPPoE connections for dual-wan setups, but that's not what I want (even though that's the section this is posted in, it just seemed like the closest fit).

    I know it's not likely to work through the GUI, but has anyone taken a pfSense box and done an MLPPP connection with two or more DSL lines through the command line? I'd like to take advantage of these DSL connections without giving up the pfSense traffic shaper.

    Does anyone have experience with MLPPP and BSD in general?

  • I am also interested in this toppic as i am also in an area served by TekSavvy and would like to attempt an mlppp setup with 2 WANs. Has anyone attempted this with pfsense ? Is there any sort of support planned for this kind of setup ?



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  • Not supported ATM.

  • @sullrich:

    Not supported ATM.

    So how much wuld it cost me for it to be implemented ? I'm asking here in regards to that Programers for Higher blog post that i saw some weeks ago on the pfsense blog ? Any chance this might be in the future plans for pfsense ?

    Thanks for all your help,



  • Using Userland-PPP it's pretty simple. I've got a page where I detail how I accomplished it here. Implementing it in pfSense shouldn't be too hard at all. By far the most difficult part will be getting pfSense to use Userland-PPP instead of MPD.

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