• Hi.

    Wondering if is possible.

    I have 1 client, it has 2 ISP, they want to move some users to the lowest and not critical ISP and move the critical users to the fastest ISP.

    There, they use squid+squidGuard.

    I think that if they are under the same subnet will impossible, but what about if I create 2 segments and separate those clients: switch-a -> pfsense lan-1 gw isp-1 switch-b -> pfsense lan-2 gw isp-2

    My doubt is with squid, does squid can support this or exist a better way? They what to use squid+squidGuard.

    Running 2.0.3, thanks.

  • you will need some acls and tcp_outgoing_address directive.

    I do not have a sample config but it may work.