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  • Good afternoon everyone, can someone help me.

    I need to make everything go with port 9090, leaving the server with port 9090. So far so good. The problem is that the server that receives this port does a balancing and changes it to another port. How could I make him force the output to port 9090. "In the case in pfSense, because I know that it alters the doors"

    Would the outbound? Manually?

  • Another way to explain what I need.

    I have a NAT: Port Forward where everything that comes through the door "9090" redirects to the internal server with port "1420".

    The problem is that the server, makes balancing and returns with port "1241".

    Ai does not close, I need to make the pfSense receive internal server ports "1241" and change to into "9090" to the output. WAN / External

  • LAYER 8 Global Moderator

    What?  I think you might get better help in forum section with your native language.. That does not seem to be english.

    What do you mean by balancing and returns with 1241??  Yes it will have a source port – all tcp connections will have a source port and a destination port.  So pfsense send the traffic to 1420 with what source port??

    So your taking inbound dst port to 9090 and forwarding to server on 1420, that is all good..  But the server would then answer to the source port that communication came from.

    So the return traffic would be from source port 1420 to whatever the source port that traffic came from.

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