Automatic NAT Rules Generation not being generated for static routes

  • Hey guys,

    I'm having some trouble with getting pfSense to autoNAT traffic that isn't on pfsense's primary subnet. I've added static routes, but not luck.

    First, my setup:

    Next, reading this passage from the holy book of pfsense:

    In a default single WAN connection configuration, pfSense automatically generates NAT rules for every directly connected interface, and any networks reachable on internal networks you define via static routes, to NAT outbound traffic to the Internet to the WAN IP.

    What I did: Went to the system->routing->gateways page and added as a gateway on the lan interface. Then I went to went to the system->routing->routes tab and added goes to

    Clients on the network cannot access the internet. I flipped pfense to manual NAT and added rules for to exit via both gateways. This fixed the problem.

    If one reads that man page from pfsense, I shouldn't have had to do this. What am I doing wrong? Many thanks.